Save our Climate:

Grow 100ha of African Forest ...

... right in your living room

By purchasing a Kenyan tree sapling for your living room
you enable us to reforest 100ha in the Kenyan highlands.

We are young people from around the globe who envision a just and sustainable world and believe that together we can take steps to realize this vision today.

Our approach is based on three columns:


Community Empowerment

We empower communities through training in sustainable forest-based business.


Ecosystem Restoration

We restore Kenyan highland forests through growing 250,000 indigenous trees.


International Dialogue

We tell African stories and spark meaningful global dialogue about sustainability.

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Marmanet acts as a microcosm to
understand the importance of sustainability.

Nested in the central highlands of Kenya, lies the Marmanet forest.

50 years ago, the forest covered 40,000 hectares. Fast forward half a century, and over 90% of the forest has disappeared, and the local economy has collapsed. High unemployment and poverty is complemented by a loss of biodiversity and seasonal drought.

This is where our project is based. We understand that humans are part and parcel of a forest ecosystem. Therefore our goal is not only to plant trees but to foster the sustainable development of this and other rural areas.

The Importance of the East African Highland Forests

Apart from their function as carbon sinks these forests are home to a unique flora and fauna and in their function as water towers they are crucial to the African ecosystem as a whole.

Forests enable rain water to seep into the ground. Without them, rivers and lakes are cut off from their water supply. The micro-climate is destabilized and rainfall patterns are affected. The highland forests are needed as water catchment areas for major lakes such as Lake Victoria - source of the Nile.

Tens of thousands of rural farmers and pastoralists depend on this water. Furthermore it is a key necessity for three of the largest industries in Kenya: tourism, tea and hydroelectricity. Therefore in order to prevent water-related conflicts we need to reforest these woodlands now.

Our team members from Kenya, Germany and the USA work tireless and on a purely voluntary basis to take steps towards sustainability today. We believe that true, lasting change can be achieved by bringing together passionate people with unique cultural and professional experiences.

Armin Eichhorn

Develops our Business model in Germany

Business models get me excited as I venture to prove that you can make the world a better place with sounstainable and economically sound concepts.

Entrepreneur & Idealist - Berlin

Daniel Omondi

Oversees our Operations

Working with UN Habitat has inspired me to use my bicultural experience and writing skills to advocate on behalf of marginalized youth in Africa.

Writer & Social Entrepreneur - Nairobi

Erick Ogallo

Develops Our Forestry Model

My studies in Environmental Conservation has inspired me to stand out and be counted as a change maker in forestry conservation and sustainable development.

Forestry & Environmental Education Expert - Nairobi

David Oyaga

Engages the Local Community

Communities cannot be developed. They can only be empowered to find adapted solutions to their own problems. This is what I desire to do.

Community worker - Nairobi

Jannis Funk

Films and Promotes our Operations

Many might dream about fighting climate change and making Earth a better place. My passion is the alignment of dreaming and doing.

Screenwriter & Filmproducer - Marburg

Dickens Likhanga

Works Closely with our Kenyan Partners

I am inspired by the power of technology to facilitate dialogue around the world as we fight to find common solutions to the sustainability crisis.

Network Engineer & Entrepreneur - Nairobi

Tobias Lohse

Coordinates our International Team

Living in Kenya has inspired me to use my organizational and design skills to creatively promote social justice and fight climate change.

Scholar, Designer & Developer - Berlin

Haron Mambe

Researches the Project Context

I desire to eliminate poverty-based inequities that have robbed so many of the opportunity to better their lives. The law is my way of affecting this change.

Legal practitioner - Nairobi

Urs Dieterich

Explores Forestry Innovations

The convergence of socioeconomic and ecological perspectives with drive and humility is where magic happens for the future we want.

Environment & International Youth Advocate - Yale

Liz Wasirimba

Develops Business Models for the Community

I am inspired by developing sustainable business models that empower young Kenyans and support the cause of conserving the environment.

Economist & Entrepreneur - Nairobi

Zach Harris

Crafts our Visual Narrative

Inspired by the passion of our international team members, I apply my experience as a visual designer and illustrator to communicate our vision.

Graphic Designer & Storyteller - Chicago